Monday, March 14, 2011

A thank you from Caleb and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Thank you all again for making my head-shaving event so incredibly successful. At the last minute, “Phoebe” donated 11,500–exactly 250 had come in! And with the matching gifts that will trickle in, St. Baldrick’s made more than $17,000 from my one silly haircut.

While I’m sorry to have missed the party at Fado’s, I’m glad we did it at home: Phoebe had a ton of fun sitting on my lap and cutting off individual curls to put in a bag. The curls will go out to the fairy garden tomorrow so that the faries can use them for beds.

Thank you all again, and don’t be too surprised if you hear from me again in a year…

Cheers, Caleb

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